Saint Dee Dee Blanket

Saint Dee Dee Blanket

Saint Dee Dee Blanket

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The Patron Saint of Punk Rock—Dee Dee Ramone!

Wrap yourself in this Ultra-Plush fleece throw blanket and stay cozy as Saint Dee Dee Ramone watches over and protects you from mediocrity in music and art.

Saint Dee Dee's robe bears the ceremonial words "One Two Three Four", (written in Latin), his sacred heart wears a crown, (for Dee Dee's pseudonym "Dee Dee King"), and bleeds onto the "Chinese Rocks" clutched in his hand. 

The phrase “All good cretins go to heaven” halo the patron Saint of punk. 

The magnificent original painting by LA artist Vicki Berndt (as seen on display at Dee Dee Ramone The Exhibition NYC at the Hotel Chelsea Storefront Gallery in 2014/2015) is beautifully rendered in full color and full bleed, edge to edge, covering the entire surface of this oversized 50” x 60” fleece throw blanket; made in tribute to the immortal Dee Dee Ramone.

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